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Operational Leasing

Tailored Commercial Leasing Packages

Whether you operate a small or large fleet of vehicles, Hertz Trucks will tailor a leasing solution specific to your business needs. Our leasing packages are fully maintained and we offer flexible plans between 12 months and 7 years for the majority of makes and models of commercial vehicles.

How Hertz Commercial Leasing Benefits You

Leasing works out cheaper than renting. A longer term contract allows us to drive costs down - from initial purchase to ongoing repairs and maintenance and ultimately disposal. Our specialised systems, additional services and global experience will provide you with measurable cost savings.

We can structure an operating lease that will provide you with:

  • Competitive off balance sheet funding with no set up costs or documentation fees.
  • The elimination of residual risk on the final disposal of the asset.
  • Lower maintenance costs through our full maintenance contracts.
  • Fixed costs which makes accounting and budgeting easier.
  • Minimal deposit requirements which allow you to invest funds back into your business.

Hertz Commercial Leasing Gives You Real Options

We've developed a comprehensive range of solutions that are available as part of your leasing package.

Depending on your needs there are optional services to choose

  • After hours and emergency service
  • Nationwide servicing network
  • Relief vehicle facilities
  • Lease extensions
  • Terms to suit individual needs
  • Detailed reporting
  • Short term vehicle leasing