Moving Tips

A Rule of Thumb

Measure the length, width and height of your refrigerator, sofas, armchairs, bureaus, chest of drawers and T.V. sets. Then multiply those three figures together to get an idea of the cubic meters they will take up.

A Rule of Thumb: An 18 Cubic Meter Truck should hold the contents of a small 3 bedroom home or large 2 bedroom unit not including the contents of the garage or shed.

Hertz sells reinforced boxes that will protect your valuables and stack together easily. Get at least one roll of packing tape per room and enough bubble wrap to protect all your breakables. Be sure to check out our Hertz accessories like boxes, rope, bubble wrap and hand trolleys.

Loading and Packing

  • Park your truck with the loading door as close as possible to the entrance you will be loading from. Pull out the loading ramp and secure on a flat surface.
  • Load an entire section at a time, securing the contents of each section before moving to the next. Load large items like appliances, first. Then load furniture. Stack smaller items and boxes from floor to ceiling.
  • Place mattresses, sofas and tables on their sides against the wall and tie them down.
  • Slide long items such as floor lamps in along their sides.
  • Place heavy boxes on bottom, and lighter ones on top. Stack boxes of equal weight and size.
  • Fill open spaces with small boxes to keep items from shifting during transit.
  • Stand mirrors and picture frames on edge. Tie them to the truck walls or place them between mattresses.
  • Place odd shaped items on top of the load or along the walls, if you have room.

Safe Driving

Ensuring a Safe Trip

  • Driving a Hertz Truck or van isn't difficult but its the same as driving a car. Always use the correct type of fuel for your truck. Adjust your seat and steering wheel to the proper height and angle.
  • Ensure your rear or side cargo door is securely locked.
  • Adjust your left and right rear-view mirror to let you see as much of the road as you can.
  • When loading or unloading the vehicle, carefully check the instructions for operating hydraulic lifts. Your Hertz representative will demonstrate the safe use of the hydraulic lift.

Watch Out Overhead

  • Trucks are significantly taller than cars, note clearance signs at bridges and overpasses.
  • Be careful of drive-through restaurants, banks, motels, hotels, covered petrol stations and even your own house.
  • Watch out for low-hanging tree limbs and telephone lines
  • If you are unsure of the clearance, get out of the truck and look, or ask someone outside to guide you.
  • The height clearance of the rental truck is marked on the inside top centre of the windscreen.

Be Careful At Intersections

  • Trucks are longer and wider than cars and have a wider turning radius, take turns slower.
  • Taking corners to fast can cause your payload to shift and possibly cause damage.
  • Never follow to close.
  • Trucks are heavier than cars and need more braking distance.
  • Obey truck lane/route restrictions and rules for commercial vehicles.
  • The height of the truck gives you a better view of the road; use it to anticipate and react to approaching traffic conditions.

Pass with Care

  • Trucks take longer to accelerate, allow more time and room when pulling into traffic.
  • Use your mirrors.
  • Exercise caution before changing lanes and always use turn signals.
  • Avoid abrupt manoeuvres.
  • Use a spotter behind you when backing up.

Renter Protection

Optional Renter Protection

Plan before you get behind the wheel, keep in mind that most vehicle insurance policies may not cover truck and van rentals, so be sure to check your insurance policy carefully. Hertz Trucks offers optional protection plans that provide a higher level of coverage - ask a Hertz representative for details.